More on the San Fransisco Community Justice Center

Here's a very interesting article published a few days ago about the San Fransisco Community Justice Center. It explains a lot of the politics continueing to unfold around the Center, and also explains the great success that the Center has had since it decided to switch from misdemeanors and violations (public urination, possesion of a crack stem) to more serious felonies and probation violaters with more at stake, which I think is a very interesting development.

However, the low-level quality of life issues in and around the Tenderloin that the Justice Center was designed to address still remain an issue. Read here about a vigilante clean-up effort run amok. And, here's what the local police chief has to say: "New Police Chief George Gascón says his officers are making more arrests in the Tenderloin. That's a great idea, but don't think the Tenderloin Station cops have been sitting on their handcuffs. Station Capt. Gary Jimenez says they've made 3,900 arrests so far this year. The problem isn't arrests; it is getting results from arrests."