First Few New Yorkers Charged Under Leandra's Law

Lenny Rosado (with a picture of his daugther Leandra) and Gov. Paterson
After Leandra's Law (making it a felony to drive drunk with a child in the car) went into effect last Friday, two New Yorkers were caught breaking that law in the days after and have become the first two New Yorker's charged under the new law.
As reported in the Daily News, on Saturday, Timothy McEachem of Albany was arrested after driving drunk with two children in the car. The following day, Reanna Reidpath of Albany was placed in jail after being pulled over with her 9 year old daugther in the car - her blood alcohol content was more than twice the legal limit.
While it's appalling that these two New Yorkers would break this law so soon after it went into effect, it isn't surprising. Their actions are despicable, but some solace can be taken given the fact that they are both in jail waiting to be arraigned on felony charges.


Dan said…
Leandra is one of ur friend Viamelca i just wanna say dat i miz chu and da i wont forget wat happend 2 u in dat car accident:(