Bronx Community Solutions Hosts Appreciation Banquet

We are happy to report that Bronx Community Solutions hosted their first Appreciation Breakfast. The purpose of this event was to show gratitude to our community partners for their willingness to collaborate, dedication, and support. The event was quite a success, and those in attendance were very pleased to meet BCS staff members and other partners.

Undoubtedly, community partners, substance abuse treatment providers, vocational programs, mental health facilities, community clinics, non-profit organizations and neighborhood schools are the backbone of Bronx Community Solutions. The hard work of these organizations allows Bronx Community Solutions to provide quality services and meaningful experiences to our clients.

The agenda for the morning included a discussion on the impact of ongoing partnerships, current BCS projects and initiatives, the courts, and on our community. A case vignette was provided so that our partners could have a greater understanding of the ways we work with court stakeholders and how open lines of communication between the courts and partners serve clients.

Lastly, the morning ended with commendations for two of our valued community service providers. The first commendation went to World Vision for their partnership with our community service initiative. Through this partnership, clients are provided with much needed indoor space for community service during harsh weather conditions. The second is Mosha’s Parking Lot for generously allowing our van to park for free, in addition to providing space to store community service supplies. Our community service crew benefits greatly from these partnerships.

We would like to thank the organization that came to the breakfast: NYC Justice Corps, VIP Community Services, Bronx Community Recovery Center, The PAC Program, World Vision, Anger Solutions, Care for the Homeless, United Bronx Parents, HELP/PSI, Wildcat Service Corp., Howie the Harp, GEMS, Bronx School of Law, Government and Justice, EXALT, Narco Freedom


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Looks like it was a good event!