BCS Assists with National Night Out Events Throughout the Bronx

By Moises Reyes

Yesterday Bronx Community Solutions participated in the 27th annual National Night Out Against Crime; a national event that heightens awareness about and strengthens community participation in local anticrime efforts. This event occurs the first Tuesday in August every year. This year, Bronx Community Solutions worked in 4 Precincts across the Bronx (43rd, 44th, 48th, and 52nd)

The morning began with a collaborative cleaning effort with BSC’s Crew 1 and John Corbin from Sanitation #4. We assisted the 44th Precinct with their National Night Out event by cleaning the streets and empting garbage cans along the perimeter. We also assisted Community Affairs Officers DET. Watley and P.O. Lonesome with unloading packages and setting up tables. They were very thankful to have us there!

We then visited the 48th Precinct, the Bronx host site for Mayor Bloomberg, Commissioner Ray Kelly District Attorney Robert Johnson. We worked with Community Affairs Officer Tony DiGiovanna to help him clean and set up tables. The location site was 187st Street /Arthur Avenue (BX. Little Italy).

Crew 2 handled our afternoon agenda. Bronx Community Solutions went to the 43rd Precinct to assist Community Affairs Officer Dais and L.T. Timony. We assisted by unloading shirts, hats, toys and other supplies for the day’s event.

Our last stop was at the 52nd Precinct. We worked with Community Affairs Officer Ortega and Parks Superintendent Acosta to help them set up the various stations/tables, balloons and clean the park.

It was a great day, just knowing that we participated on such important event.

The clients not only behaved well but they enjoy the many perks like free hamburgers, and t. shirts!