Times Square Inc. Graduation Ceremony Inspires

Angel Hernandez, Gradute of the Year

On Wednesday night this week, Midtown Community Court, another CCI project, hosted a star-studded affair for recent graduates of Times Square Ink who are now employed. In spite of the rough economy, TSI has been tremendously successful this year having placed over 70 graduates in employment, more than half of our graduates.

Highlights of the evening included the keynote address by District Attorney Cy Vance and remarks from John Jay College President Jeremy Travis. We premiered a short film that was produced in collaboration with John Jay about a recent TSI graduate. We also honored our Volunteer of the Year, and most importantly, recognized our Graduate of the Year, Angel Hernandez.

Angel's story is remarkable. He was released from prison a little over a year ago. After completing TSI and continuing to work with the staff, as well as going through many ups and downs in his job search, he was hired by a Manhattan sports club. In the last few months he has risen through the ranks to the position of Facility Manager -- he now manages 18 employees! In fact, Angel recently hired another TSI grad who was also recognized at the event.