The Truly Meaningful Work Done at Bronx Community Solutions

“All that I could do was gather enough strength to come see you…”

Those were the words of Candance, a client who came to the Bronx Community Solutions Clinic last week.  She said it was the only place she could think to turn to for help.

Candace sought the help of our STARS Case Manager, Melissa, who is currently working with this client to complete a mandate of four days of social service, and was her case manager for a prior 10 day social service mandate.

Candace is currently facing a number of issues including addiction, transient housing, a new court case, mental health concerns, lack of food, and other medical issues.

When Candace came to the Social Service Clinic, she stated that was not feeling well, she was not doing well, and that she felt suicidal. She disclosed that the night before, she had taken 18 pills with the hope of not waking up the next morning.  In the morning she took 4 additional pills and then came to Bronx Community Solutions for help.

Melissa immediately engaged our Mental Health Case Manager, Anjelica Raygoza for assistance and together they assessed the client and called 911. Fifteen minutes later, Candace was escorted to the emergency room.  She thanked BCS and stated that she would contact Melissa as soon as she left the hospital

This experience reminded everyone at Bronx Community Solutions about the reason we do this work - to help people. Sometimes you even get the opportunity to help save a life.