Community Advisory Board Convenes in the New Year

By T.K. Singleton, Community Initiatives Coordinator

Accessibility to the community is the key principle for us at Bronx Community Solutions. As Bronx Community Solutions expands, one of our main concerns has been – “Do we meet the needs of the community?”  

The challenge for us is community engagement in a Borough with upwards of 1.5 millions residents and twelve precincts. How can we respond to the community needs when each neighborhood is diverse and unique? One of the many tools for us to reach “the community” is our Community Advisory Board(C.A.B.). Bronx Community Solutions’ Community Advisory Board meets quarterly and has members  from an array of places in the Bronx including municipal government representatives, precinct council presidents, Judges, social service organizations, and non-profit organizations.  

After five years, Bronx Community Solutions' C.A.B. members are still very  vocal and continue to partner with us to create meaningful sentencing options and community service projects. What is also amazing, is that C.A.B. members are assisting each other in creating projects. “I would like a Bronx Community Solutions C.A.B. directory” said Seann Riley from the Bronx Defenders.

Through the many resources and talents that each person and organization brings we are able  to make real change, in a “otherwise slowly turn wheel”-Wayne Clark from Narco Freedom


Ben said…
Nice to see you guys at the meeting! -Ben