CCI Launches a New Youth Anti-Violence Initiative

 (Youth Organizing to Save Our Streets) YO S.O.S, a new program of the Crown Heights Community Mediation Center and younger sibling to Save Our Streets (S.O.S.), is proud to announce its official launch, celebrated at a Founding Action Event on Friday May 20th. The event introduced the YO S.O.S. youth organizers to the community and celebrated their accomplishments. In just one short month, YO S.O.S. participants have attended an anti-violence march, traveled to Washington D.C. for an anti-gun violence lobbying day, and created a PSA at the Manhattan Neighborhood Network - all on top of their biweekly workshops on leadership, community development and job training.

Deservingly, these young people were celebrated by an array of community members, including two wonderful guest speakers: Tanisha Douglas, CCI's own recent intern at Quest, and Wayne McKenzie, General Counsel to the NYC Department of Probation.

More info about the program is available at, on Facebook, and on Twitter (yo_sos). Hope to see you