Community Service Program Helps Maintain the West Bronx Recreation Center

By Moises Reyes, Coordinator of Community Service

Bronx Community Solutions prides itself on having good relationship with community service partners, and we have developed an excellent relationship with the Parks Department .  Recently, Bronx Community Solutions was contacted by Michele R. Griffin, staff analyst from West Bronx Recreation Center, on Jesup Avenue, run by the Parks Department. Michele is very familiar with the work of Bronx Community Solutions, as she has been the contact person for community service compliance sheets. When she heard that the West Bronx Recreation Center needed some work, she immediately contacted Bronx Community Solutions for assistance. Bronx Community Solutions has cleaning the recreation center weekly as they had no staff to clean the facility. This Center is now being utilized for after school athletic programs in the Bronx. 

Bronx Community Solutions is always looking to support any organization that benefits Bronx residents.  If your organization has a need that our community service crew can fulfill such as painting, clearing, or cleaning, please contact Moises Reyes, Coordinator of Community Service at