BCS Welcomes Spectators to Pinstripe Bowl

By Moises Reyes, Community Service Crew Supervisor

On December 31, 2011 Bronx Community Solutions  closed the year by assisting the 161 Street Business Improvement District by beautifying the area and welcoming fans to the Pinstripe Bowl, where Rutgers University played Iowa State at Yankee Stadium. 

The community service crew started the day by cleaning 161st and 162st streets at River, Gerald, and Walton Avenues. The Crew then spent the rest the day greeting and welcoming  fans by handing out fliers with discounts for dining and other Bronx-based businesses and events. The crew also had the opportunity to shake hands with Senator Jose Serrano. 

This community service event was an excellent example of how community service mandates can assist the community and while providing offenders with the opportunity to pay restitution and do good works.