Department of Probation Creates NeON Initiative

The Bronx Probation Department held a ribbon-cutting ceremony earlier today to mark the opening of their new initiative, the Neighborhood Opportunity Network (NeON).  NeON is a collective of local businesses, community organizations, government agencies and local residents who will work together to engage probationers with the help they need.  Through NeON, probation clients will have access to services such as employment assistance, literary programs, academic support and mentoring, health education and community benefit events. 

This marks a new direction in the culture of Probation, now emphasizing the importance of having a client-friendly physical environment and enabling clients to feel empowered to seek help and utilize resources, even within the criminal justice system. This approach is well in line with the goals of Bronx Community Solutions!  We are excited that Probation is taking this approach, and look forward to following the success of the program as it moves into operation.  We are pleased to have been invited to this event, and appreciate our ongoing partnership with the Bronx Department of Probation.