BCS and MCC Conduct Presentation for Court Staff

During National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we call to attention all of those affected by this crime, including both the victims and the survivors. We strive to promote awareness as well as education. 

Last week, representatives from Midtown Community Court and Bronx Community Solutions came together for a presentation illustrating the connections between survivors of domestic violence and girls/women involved in the life of prostitution. The presentation took place at the Bronx County Hall of Justice and was titled, "Hidden Victims: Understanding the Connection Between Prostitution and Domestic Violence." 

The event was sponsored by the Bronx Domestic Violence Court and the Bronx Integrated Domestic Violence Court. Ms. Terri Roman, Project Director of the Bronx Domestic Violence Complex reached out to our team in the interest that we could share our expertise and experience working with individuals arrested for prostitution.
One of the goals of the presentation included highlighting the similarities in the experiences of those involved in intimate partner violence and individuals engaged in the life of prostitution. The overlap is primarily demonstrated in the executed dynamics of power and control normally associated within the context of a DV (domestic violence) relationship.  

Topics of trauma and raising awareness to identify clients associated with pimps were also focal points of the presentation. We provided attendees with application tips to apply in their own position and field work of practice. Such tips were readily welcomed, as those in attendance will translate what they learned to assisting those involved in prostitution with more awareness and knowledge.

- Melissa Novock, S.T.A.R.S Case Manager