MCC Celebrates the Holidays by Helping Children and their Fathers

"Last week, participants and alumni of the Dads United for Parenting and Times Square Ink programs came together to celebrate the holidays with their families and program staff.

Holiday music filled the air and smiling faces were seen all around as families dined on food donated by program partner Whole Foods. After the meal, the gifts were distributed and the fun truly began! Young faces lit up as new toys were unwrapped and the adults were treated to the priceless gift of joyful children. As one of the fathers said during the event: "It's about the children. Believe it or not this program opens people's eyes."

Dads United for Parenting and Times Square Ink would like to thank Whole Foods, Most Valuable Kids, Mary Arnold Toys, Toys for Tots and the rest of the staff at the Midtown Community Court for all of the help in making the event such a success!"

- Bo Twiggs, LMSW
Dads United for Parenting Coordinator

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