We Are The Bronx fellowship - Auction

Hi blog readers,

This year I was accepted to and am taking part in a fellowship called We Are The Bronx. It is dedicated to advancing the next generation of the Bronx’s diverse leaders by teaching and challenging a diverse group of fellows to work together on collective issues facing the borough. Fellows learn how they can help Bronx communities share resources, manage tensions, and collaborate on solving problems by using diversity as an asset to themselves, their agencies, their communities and the Bronx.

We have launched a bid for a grant that will help us work toward community stability through anti-violence, supportive housing, and/or arts and culture initiatives. You can help us by going to our website and placing a bid on an item, the proceeds from which will help fund the grant. To bid on items, visit the auction page at www.benefitevents.com/auctions/JCRC/bronx.  If you then click on "browse and bid" it will take you to the option to bid for items tied to the Bronx Fellowship. Auction bidding launched on March 20, 2013 and will close on May 1, 2013 at 5:00pm.

Please support the We Are The Bronx fellows as we raise funds to better the Bronx! 


Ramon Semorile
Bronx Community Solutions Crew Supervisor