BCS Community Service Team Participates in MTA Training

On May 9, 2013, Bronx Community Solutions along with our sister partners the Brownsville Community Justice Center and the Red Hook Community Justice Center. participated in the second Track Safety training, provide by the Metro Transit Authority (MTA). The purpose of this training was to provide community service crew supervisors with an update about MTA policies and safety procedures. The training consisted of learning about the six hazards identified by the committee that could result in Train-Employee impact and subsequent fatalities. These include safe track-walking, clearing up procedures, track safety rules and regulations, identifying train routes, communication and emergency alarm procedures and safety in the vicinity of the electrical contact rail. 
It was beneficial for our crew supervisors and myself to have the refreshment training, being that we have an ongoing partnership with MTA. Bronx Community Solutions sends a crew of 5-6 community service participants every week to work with the MTA, focusing on the D and 4 train lines in the Bronx.

- Moises Reyes, Coordinator of Community Service


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