BCS Staff attend 41st Precinct Awards Breakfast

On June 13th, 2013 Robin Berg and I attended the 41st Precinct's 25th Annual Fellowship Breakfast, hosted by Deputy Inspector Philip Rivera. The event was to honor police officers and community members of the 41th Precinct (the Hunts Point area) for their service in 2012. Many organizations and local businesses of the 41st Precinct were present, including Krasdale foods, Dayton Industries, Inc., Hunts Point Alliance for Children and World Vision. 
To my surprise, Officer Ada Haddock-Sanchez of the 41st Precinct gave me a plaque to say thank you to Bronx Community Solutions for our work with their precinct. Since we began working closely with the 41st Precinct five years ago, Bronx Community Solutions has brought community service crews to remove graffiti a total of 57 times, sweep the streets 25 times, and have helped with the Bryant community garden. We have also formed two community impact zones, which is where we closed a street down for a short period of time to clean and remove graffiti. We also worked on 165th street to create a mural on a wall that had otherwise been covered with graffiti.
On behalf of Bronx Community Solutions, thank you to the 41th precinct and to officer Haddock!
- Ramon Semorile, BCS Community Service Crew Supervisor