Bronx Community Solutions cleans up!

Councilman Andy King with BCS Crew Supervisors Matthew and Moises
Last Wednesday, at the special request of District 12's newly elected councilman Andy King, Bronx Community Solutions embarked on a new initiative to clean under the elevated 5 train from Gunhill Road to 225th Street (in the northeast section of the Bronx). This block of train stops have been historically plagued with litter and garbage, and are a huge eyesore for the community. Bronx Community Solutions plans to keep this span of blocks on our regular community service rotation, maintaining the area to a higher standard of visible order.

Press was there to cover the cleanup event. Community service crew supervisor Matthew Usher was interviewed briefly by News12!
 Great job to Moises Reyes and the BCS Community Service team!!
- T.K. Singleton, Coordinator of Community Initiatives