"Mid Summer Community Service Dream"

As the Summer days quickly pass before our eyes... Bronx Community Solution's Community Service department continues to have an  impact in the community.  Below are just a few projects that have happened in July.


Love My Block/Step Street clean-up
by: crew supervisor Ramon Semorille

On Saturday, July 20th , I took five ADP participants to 187th street to paint the step street on Marion Avenue. When we got there I thought the day was going to be challenging, after all it was a hot 90 degree day.  But soon after we  started cleaning, the neighborhood residents spoke to the participants and thanked them for their work. This showed them how  importance  the work they did is.  Cynthia Thompkins, Marian Avenue neighborhood association president explained what the event was about and how important it was to take care of the neighborhoods where we live. T.K Singleton taught than how to plant flowers. We worked all day and enjoyed every minute of it. I will like to thank Moises, Matthew, Omar, Cynthia, T.K and Tiffany for the hard work they do in the community.

Health Fair Event by: crew supervisor Matthew Usher
On July 27th Bronx Community Solutions worked with Health First, World Changers Church New York, Metro-plus and The NYPD 46th precinct's to host a community health fair in the  University Height area. The event was held on Cresent Avenue and 188th Street( behind the historical Paradise theatre). The day was filled with kids playing and Bingo for the elderly.  The event was informative and extremely helpful to the community.  It united different cultures and generations, the volunteers seemed to be just as excited as those who attended the even

Graffiti Clean-Up with the 47th precinct
by: Coordinator of Community Service, Moises Reyes

On July 30, Youth Justice Social Worker Rebecca Stahl and Pinkerton Fellow Janer Cordero conducted a “Community Awareness workshop” for the ADP community service participants. The workshop allowed participants to explore the issues facing our communities, and ways they are able to create a positive impact on community. 

Afterwards Graffiti Supervisor, Ramon Reyes, Janer Cordero and myself went with the ADP participants to take part in a graffiti clean-up project, requested by NYPD 47th  precinct community affairs officers, PO  Fuentes and Gomez. At the end of the day, Officer Gome spoke with the crew about the importance of staying in school as a way to stay out of trouble, and as a pathway to career success. ADP participants had a rich afternoon of education, action, and reflection in our community, and enjoyed the opportunity to be part of an effort to create positive change. It was an awesome day!