Tis the Season for Giving & Getting Back

Bronx Community Solutions first Community Impact zone was in the Summer 2008 at Timpson and St. John Avenue near the Bruckner Blvd. Community Impact is a unique type of community service project that provides a  faster response to  graffiti and sanitation issues. This section of the Bronx was plagued with many issues; abandoned cars, illegal dumping, prostitution, drugs and graffiti.   In collaboration with the 41st Precinct and several landlords in the neighborhood, BCS began cleaning and maintaining this area on a consistent base.
On November 7, 2013 Mike Stanton, manager of Hop Energy LLC., a fuel company located on 595 Timpson Blvd, met with Ramon Semorile, Crew Supervisor of the Graffiti Program, to share his gratitude for the work BCS has put into the community, especially his business which has being graffiti tagged a few times over the year. Ramon explained Bronx Community Solutions works in the community and these services are free of charge. He also explained that this is a community impact area and a waiver was signed by the previous landlords granting permission to remove the graffiti on several walls.

Community Impact is measured by its impact both in community’s perception and visual improvements and we feel that one of the huge indicators of this success is when Mr. Stanton wanted to show his gratitude by donating supplies to our program. “We donate small amounts of supplies about two to three times a year to at least four or 5 companies.  We appreciate.  Bronx Community Solutions and the work they provide. Our company will continue the relationship with Bronx Community Solutions”.

In the 8 years that Bronx Community Solutions has provided community service assistance to the many businesses, neighborhoods and organizations in the Bronx, this is the first time an agency has given back to us.  It is truly appreciated.
Happy Holidays.