BCS Facilitates Local Mural Project

BCS Community Service clients painting over graffiti
The finished product, a blank canvas
On April 10, on the first day after a harsh winter season, we started a project painting over graffiti on a barricade near the Bronx river. The goal was to have BCS community service participants paint over a graffiti-covered barricade so that volunteers from NY Cares, in partnership with DOT, could then create a beautiful mural on the site. This took place in the West Farm area of the Bronx, at East 180th Street and Devoe Avenue. Four BCS clients participated, along with myself and Coordinator of Community Service Moises Reyes.

NY Cares volunteers and the completed mural project!
All of the BCS clients worked with enthusiasm, especially when they saw how passers-by smiled in gratitude for their work. In my understanding they didn’t do community service -- they serviced the community.

- Ramon Semorile, Bronx Community Solutions Crew Supervisor