BCS Helps Out in the 41st Precinct

Bronx Community Solutions is able to respond to specific requests by community partners who require assistance in improving the appearance of various streets and neighborhoods. Sometimes this strays from the usual litter cleanup and graffiti removal projects in which we have become specialists. This week we were asked by the 41st Precinct to assist with a special project near the police station, where we expanded our painting expertise. Moises Reyes writes about it below:

"BCS has being working with the 41st Precinct for around eight years. We have done many projects together such as graffiti removal and supporting events in the community, and we have built a strong relationship with them. On June 2nd Bronx Community Solutions did an unusual project, consisting of painting lanes on the parking lot of the precinct and giving a new coat of paint to the posts protecting gasoline pumps on the same lot. This job was requested by Lt. Betances. Of course we do not have any experience doing this type of work, but with a little creativity on behalf of both the precinct and BCS, and a good crew who did careful work, we were able to make it happen. Matthew Usher was the crew supervisor for this project. Matthew, thanks for the hard work you put into this project. I think it looks awesome."

- Moises Reyes, Coordinator of Community Service

The parking lot Before...

...and After, with bright new lanes
The posts Before their new coat of paint, looking spotty
...and After, looking spiffy