The Bronx is Blooming!

BCS ADP Community Service Participants and youth volunteers begin their day of work in the park
On Tuesday, July 29th, the Bronx was blooming at Joyce Kilmer Park on 161st street and Grand Concourse. BCS Youth Community Service met with our new Partner organization called "The Bronx is Blooming," founded by Jennifer Beaugrand. The Bronx is Blooming seeks to inspire a culture of environmental stewardship and community advocacy by engaging Bronx communities and youth as leaders in the beautification of local parks. We started the day with an ice breaker game, getting to know a little about one another, sharing what motivated us to do this type of work. That was followed by group leader Carlos, who explained what type of work we were about to do and the reasons behind these projects.
Getting to work!
The work of the day consisted of cutting old trees branches, removing the weeds, rocks and trash around the trees and filling it with organic mulches made of wood chips, which is used to retain moisture in the soil, suppressing weeds for a long life for the trees.
With five BCS Youth Community service and eight volunteers from The Bronx is Blooming we were able to take care of twelve trees. The participants learned about gardening and they had fun!
The young volunteers from The Bronx is Blooming were an inspiration for our clients. Bronx Community Solutions is looking forward to do more projects like these in the future.
Helping the trees. Moises Reyes, BCS, at left
- Moises Reyes, Coordinator of Community Service

A job well done!