BCS Crew Cleans Up Highbridge

The area before the BCS crew began community service
In 2007 Bronx Community Solutions began the Graffiti Removal program in the Highbridge neighborhood of the bronx, located in the 44th Precinct. The location of 67 West 169th Street, between the Edward L. Grant Highway and Shakespeare Avenue has been one location that has always been a challenge for us in terms of removing graffiti tagging and keeping it clean.

The same location, after nine BCS clients completed their day of work!
On September 4th, 2014, we returned to the location with nine clients who were each mandated to complete community service after being charged with graffiti tagging. The day went smoothly. One of the residents of 67 West 169th Street even came out and thanked the crew, which made the clients feel proud of their hard work.

- Ramon Semorile, BCS Community Service Crew Supervisor