BCS Helps Out with Special Graffiti Cleanup in the 44th Precinct

BCS clients, crew supervisor and officers worked together on a special clean-up project in the 44th Precinct
BCS has worked with the Community Affairs Unit of the 44th precinct removing graffiti for over seven years. We have a day designated for graffiti removal which is every Thursday. Community Service Coordinator Moises Reyes always spread days of the month so we can work with most of the precincts from the Bronx so that all have a chance to remove graffiti with us.
Clients worked alongside officers to cleanup a local wall that had been covered with graffiti
On September 22,  we received a call from Officer Tejada of the 44th precinct Community Affairs Unit to see if we can help them remove graffiti on Wednesday 24. At first I had to tell them no, because graffiti removal is on Thursdays, not Wednesdays, and we wouldn't have enough participants but to my surprise I was told that it a special initiative from the Department and so officers will be helping with the removal of graffiti. In other words, they will be helping, working alongside with BCS clients and myself.

It was a good experience to see the two clients from BCS and the officers working together removing graffiti. Everyone got along - they were talking and laughing, and at the end of the day they all said thank you one another. One local resident walking by also said thank you to the group.
- Ramon Semorile, BCS Community Service Crew Supervisor
The wall before...
...And after!