New BCS Group - Know Your Rights

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Today, we began a new pilot group for BCS participants called "Know Your Rights," run by BCS partner organization MFY Legal Services. MFY Legal Services is an organization that provides free legal assistance to vulnerable and underserved populations on a wide range of civil legal issues. Within that program, the MFY Re-entry Project provides free legal advice, counsel, and/or representation to people with criminal records who want to re-enter the workforce and seek security or other occupational licenses. Last July, MFY conducted a training in July on criminal records and employment for Bronx Community Solutions staff.

The "Know Your Rights" group held at BCS today taught participants about various legal issues they may be facing after receiving a criminal conviction with regards to getting a job, keeping a job, or attaining a particular professional designation. The first session was a success, and the group was very engaged and interested in hearing what the facilitator had to say. Seven participants stayed behind to seek voluntary, individual consultation with the facilitator.

Stay tuned for more about this in December when the second group is taking place!