BCS Hosts Second Career Talk for Interns

Bronx Court Officers with BCS Interns for the second lunchtime career talk
It's another one for the books. Bronx Community Solutions hosted a second successful career talk for our interns, this time featuring two court officers who shared with them what it's like to do their work in the Bronx Criminal Court. 

With its ‘kick-off’ in October, ‘Career Talks’ are a part of a new and innovative approach to the development of a formalized internship program at Bronx Community Solutions. Despite the recent loss of funding that supported the Center for Court Innovation’s AmeriCorps program, BCS has been able to conduct ‘business as usual’ by way of recruiting intern volunteers for 6-12 month internships. Career Talks have been a way to provide interns with insightful information about a particular career track, in addition to the practical training and exposure that they receive working in a criminal justice environment. Once per month, lunch is provided for interns as well as the invited court staff member or members who present on the ‘ins and outs’ of what they do, and answer questions. 

This time around, Court Officers Dave Jennings and Andy Ayala provided intuitive information on what it means to be peace officers and discussed the rewarding as well as the negative aspects of the job. The takeaway was that they very much enjoy their jobs, which is notable as each of them have been serving the NYS Unified Court System for over a decade. The BCS interns left the career talk well-informed on what it takes to become a court officer, and what it's like to do that job every day.

- Lovis Nelson-Williams, Compliance Coordinator