BCS Cleans Up and Gains New Partners

Last Thursday morning, BCS Community Service Crew Supervisor Ramon Semorile, BCS UpNext Intern Marlow and myself along with five BCS community service participants headed to Waste Management in the Bronx as part of a new collaboration. We met with Joanne Persad, Government and Public Affairs Manager of NYC Waste Management. Waste Management is responsible for the collection, transport and disposal of garbage, sewage and other waste products. This collaboration was made possible after the suggestion by John Johnson from GrowNYC, with whom Bronx Community Solutions has worked many times on educating the public about the important of recycling. 
We worked at the edge of the Harlem RiverYard Wild Life Habitat, a section of which was affected by Hurricane Sandy in 2012. We participated by picking up trash, raking dry leaves and pruning. Our work involved preparing the ground for an organization called the New York Restoration Project, who will now be able to start planting in the area.

We are hoping to have a follow-up event where we bring participants to help with the final product! To be continued...

- Moises Reyes, Coordinator of Community Service and Initiatives