Procedural Justice at Work in Newark

Another press clip about a partner project of Bronx Community Solutions - this time featuring Newark Community Solutions, and the procedural justice tenets they are able to employ with the help of an enthusiastic judge, Judge Victoria Pratt.

The Simple Idea That Could Transform U.S. Criminal Justice

"[There are] four principles of procedural justice: first, that people who come before a judge trust that the process is impartial; second, that they are treated with respect; third, that they understand what is going on and what they are expected to do; fourth, that they have a voice. Defendants find the procedure fairer when they are allowed to state their views. Experimental evidence shows that this is true even when they are allowed to speak only after the judge has announced their decision. No one likes to lose a court case. But people accept losing more willingly if they believe the procedures used to handle their case are fair."