NYPD hosts BCS at Annual Community Partners Appreciation

by Moises Reyes, Community Service Coordinator and Jennifer Petersen, Deputy Project Director

On Monday night, BCS was escorted by 44th precinct Detective Carmen Tejada to the NYPD Community Partner Appreciation Day.  The event focused on thanking organizations like BCS for building and improving the relationship between police officers and the community through the NYPD's Community Partner Program.  The program assigns new Police Academy graduates to work with a group of local community partners who orient the officers to their assigned neighborhood--local leaders and the policing issues of greatest concern to residents and businesses.  Officers must introduce and get to know constituents of all ages and backgrounds in their patrol area, building trust and a sense of safety among residents.  

Since 2005, Bronx Community Solutions has maintained a positive relationship with the 44th precinct through the precinct's Community Affairs department, led by then-Officer (now Detective) Carmen Tejada.  Joint projects have included BCS clients assisting the precinct in graffiti cleanup, trash removal and event setup.  

Captain Brienza, 44 Precinct; Dr. Cary Goodman, 161st St. Business Improvement District;  Marie Forbes, NYC Housing Authority, Detective Carmen Tejada, 44 Precinct, Elyse Allbee, Daughters of Jacob Nursing Home; Jennifer Petersen, Bronx Community Solutions; Moises Reyes, Bronx Community Solutions; Cory Shaw, West Bronx Recreational Center; Officer Santos Collazo and Officer Brian Ortiz, 44 Precinct

Along with remarks from Commissioner William Bratton, we heard from an NYPD recruiter about their efforts to make the city's police force more culturally and ethnically diverse. The event closed with the night's community partner honoree, Music With a Message. This talented group of young people is spreading positive messages through song and has even recruited musically-inclined local NYPD officers to join their band.  Though many issues still need to be addressed, it was encouraging to see the results of NYPD's recent efforts to outreach and address the concerns of their community. 

Bronx-Based "Music With A Message" performs at the NYPD Community Partner Appreciation