BCS to the Rescue

by Anthony Gonzalez, BCS Crew Supervisor

On the morning of July 5, 2016, BCS Community Service crew members Corey Hatton, Intern Jamal Carmichael and I, along with three BCS clients, set out to one of our regular work sites.  While riding in the van on Jerome Avenue, we noticed an enormous amount of trash and debris left behind by crowds of people celebrating 4th of July the previous day.  Even though this was not our original destination it was obvious Mullaly Park was in desperate need of extreme clean up.  I asked the park supervisor (one of our partners from Parks Department District #4) if we could lend a hand.  They were very grateful to utilize our assistance and we were grateful to take advantage of the chance to help our partners, neighbors and Bronx community.  

Mullaly Park in the aftermath of July 4th celebrations (3 pictures below)

Back to pristine condition after the BCS Community Service Crew took
charge (3 pictures below)