Partners in Practice: John Jay College of Criminal Justice

by Lovis Nelson-Williams, Compliance Manager

Above: BCS Project Director, Maria Almonte-Weston with Intake Intern Chris Rivera and BCS Compliance Manager, Lovis Nelson-Williams; Below: Chris Rivera presents on his internship experience

Bronx Community Solutions had the honor of being recognized as a provider of professional experiences and opportunities for John Jay students. At the Public Sector Internship Reception, hosted by Jeremy Travis, criminal justice agencies and organizations across New York City were present alongside students engaged in internships.  Bronx Community Solutions as well as other providers, were thanked for allowing students to combine theoretical concepts in the classroom, with the real life experiences of various criminal justice career paths. We had the pleasure of having one of our current interns, Christopher Rivera, a senior at John Jay, talk about his role in the organization. He has had the opportunity to provide services for defendants via the intake department in the very busy Bronx Criminal Court. Christopher made jokes about the `colorful’ clients he meets with day in and day out. However, he realizes this internship provides direct contact with the population he so passionately wants to serve. He is learning of the many challenges faced by those who are criminal justice involved. It is amazing that BCS can provide the exposure that helps to inform the next generation of forward thinking criminal justice professionals.